Twitter wall greenscreen
The twitter wall 'newsfeed' at the bottom of a live CCTV image

CVP are able to offer a twitter / text message wall, suitable for use at public events, or as part of a Q&A session in a conference.

Messages are automatically read from twitter (scanning hashtags or phrases), and/or text (using a UK phone number), and then displayed in received order. Twitter messages are displayed with the avatar (profile picture) and twitter name.

Control is via the back-end admin page (which can be password protected).

Messages can be set to post automatically, or manually approved. This may be suitable when used in a public area. Messages can also be inutted from the admin page, with whatever name you wish (name of event, for instance).

Further, messages can be 'highlighted'. This temporarily enlarges and centers the message, if something is being referred to, for instance.

Public events

An easy and quick way to show the support of your event! Displaying the feed in a public place will encourage engagement, and can allow paticipants to feel included, while also providing a talking point. If used as a placeholder between music acts, for instance, it can be useful to cover camera movements or scene changes, with something engaging.

Meetings and conferences

Using the messageboard as part of your conference's audience resonse can help in a number of ways.
Allowing questions to be asked during a speech, without inturrupting the speaker, allows questions to be asked while fresh in the mind. Typing the questions also reduces miscommunication due to accents or foreign language skills.

Further, allowing delegates who may be shy public speakers to ask questions, or for delegates to ask anonymous questions, can greatly increase the audience participation in the topic.


There are a number of ways to make use of a message board - from parties and club nights through to meetings and conferences. If you are interested in talking to us about seeing a live demo, please email hire at


How it works - important, to understand the costs involved (below)

(1) The message board is actually a webpage. Wherever the board is to be displayed, a computer is required to show the webpage and output it to a projector, screen etc. This computer requires an internet connection.

(2) The admin side of the board is also a webpage. This can be run on the same computer, or different one, in another location. As long as it has an internet connection, this can be anywere. If making use of the SMS (text) option, this computer will have a mobile phone connected to it via USB, and will upload the texts as they are received.

(3) The admin and the output computer can be the same machine. By using a remote desktop to display the message board, the computer's main display can be used to administer the page.

(4) As the message board is a webpage, it can be displayed anywhere. So a single, centrally administered, messagewall can be shown in mulitple locations. Each location just needs a device that can display a webpage, and some way of outputting it.


Example pricing is as follows:

Design of the message board to display your logo: £0 if logo is supplied in JPEG format

Supply of laptop: £55

Supply of mobile phone and software to upload text messages: £30

Projectors, monitors and other equipment able to output the message wall is listed elsewhere on this site.

Alternatively, call us on 08700 331810, or email hire at




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If you are looking to organise and event - a trade show, training seminar or conference, CVP is able to help. With over 20 years' experience in providing technical support, we can provide projectors, screens, PA systems, microphones, staging, and anything else you may need. Whatever your event, we would be happy to talk about your requirements and offer suggestions if required,


We have a wide range of projectors available, from 2000 lumens for use in a small meeting room, up to a full HD, 7000 lumen projector for conferences of 600+. Whatever your projector requirement, we can advise and supply projectors and screens.

Projector Screens

Projection screens can be a range from 4' tripod screens upto 14' x 10.5' truss screens. The viewing surface can also be front or rear, which relates to the position of the projector. A rear project surface allows you to put the projector behind the screen, giving many benefits. Presenters can no longer be blinded by the projector, cast shadows on the screen, the projector can't be seen and doesn't take up any space in the seating. However, there has to be space behind the screen for the projector throw.

PA systems and Radio Microphones

Sound systems are a regular hire for many organisations, and can be scaled to suit your needs. PA systems can be hired for 10 people upwards. Radio microphones also give a great benefit, allowing presenters to move and interact with their audience. Something to be aware of is interference, expecially with the radio channel change to CH 38, leaving some systems sharing wavelength with mobile phones. To make sure of the best reception and experience, use CH 38 microphones, or check your local radio spectrum. All radio microphones hired from CVP are covered under our JFMG licence, copies available on request.

Areas served

CVP is based in Berinsfield, near Oxford. Pickups can be from Tower Rd, Berinsfield, OX10 7LN.

CVP can provide AV equipment hire for Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, and surrounding areas; including Oxford, Reading, Banbury, Brackley, High Wycombe, Chalgrove, Stadhampton, Marlow, Buckingham, Henley on Thames, Milton Keynes, Abingdon, Didcot, Bicester, Witney, Wantage, Grove, Henley, Grove, Harwell, Maidenhead, Newbury, Swindon, Thame, Princes Risborough, Haddenham, Beaconsfield, Aylesbury, Newbury, Swindon, Maidenhead and London.

Oxford areas covered include Boars Hill, Botley, Cowley, Cumnor, Headington, Horspath, Iffley, Kidlington, Jericho, Summertown and Wolvercote.


CVP can provide Conference support, Equipment hire and setup, licenced radio microphones, PA hire, plasma screen hires, projector hire, AV technicians and more, just call us to find out more.